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Sheets of Love

Promoting clean sanitation and comfort by providing linens and toiletries for the sick and dying globally


“Sheets of Love” is here to help distribute sheets and toiletries to where they are most needed; to the sick and suffering around the globe...


Globally, the sick and dying lay on hospital beds with no sheets. Sheets of Love creates comfort for patients, relieving this abuse. 


We make it easy to help the sick and dying, in ways that suit you and your budget. You can donate, host a drive or become a sponsor.


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$200 - you could provide the linen for 5 beds in a hospital, give fresh linen to 5 new patients


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$50 - your gift could pay for a hospital care package for someone in the hospital with no family or friend support.


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$100 - you could pay for new fresh linen for 2 beds in a hospital, given clean linen to those who are ill in the hospital giving fresh comfort. 


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$10 - could provide toothbrush, toothpaste and flannel essential for one hospital patient.

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