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Dignity for mankind.


It all started with a visit to Jamaica to see my father who was in the hospital suffering from dementia.  When I arrived at the hospital, I saw him lying on a bed with just the mattress – no sheets!  I asked the nurse what happened to the sheets. To my surprise, I was told that his sheet was wet and that they did not have another sheet to put on his bed.  I was beside myself.  How could I just watch my father loose his dignity lying on a bare mattress - likely as others had before him? The wet sheet was under the bed on the floor. He had to wait for his wife to bring him clean sheets from home, and take the wet one home to be laundered.


From that day forward, this vision and memory stayed with me. How could they treat my father, whom I loved so much, with such a lack of dignity? After many months of thinking, the light bulb went off.  What could I do to help? No other parent, family member, or friend should have to lie on a bare mattress and lose their dignity whilst they are sick or dying.


'Sheets of Love' is here to help distribute sheets and toiletries to where they are most needed.

A sheet is a basic human need for a hospital patient.  “Sheets of Love” is here to help distribute sheets to the sick and suffering around the globe...


...Thus, “Sheets of Love" was born.


There is an epidemic in our world, where people seeking medical attention must stay in hospitals that do not have linens, toiletries and laundry services to provide. Sick without a choice, they have to lie on a mattress, as others have before them, with no sanitary barrier. There are body fluids, fecal matter, and infection left behind. As common as this phenomenon is, public awareness is shockingly lacking.


Sheets of love began with the vision of providing patients with sheets for their hospital stay. The intention is to help the sick feel comfortable and dignified. 


Working with one hospital/facility at a time, we will outfit them to ensure no patient has to lie on a filthy mattress, but is instead wrapped in Sheets of Love.




Meet the team


Niah Garcia


Niah, a long-time resident of Massachusetts, is deeply committed to her family and friends. She enjoys spending quality time with her teenage daughter and frequently volunteers at high school events. She is known for having a big heart and is always ready with a helping hand.


With a professional background that includes over 20 years in customer service, Niah looks forward to using her leadership and organization skills to assist facilities one program at a time through the works of Sheets of Love.


Carol Laing


Carol was born and raised in London. She loves to travel and courageously moved to the States in her thirties.


She is vivacious and passionate in all her affairs. She loves her family and daughter, Kaylan, very much.


Seeing her father helpless and dying without the comforts of a clean bed to lay in was unacceptable to her. Now she takes action to prevent the same fate for others. With a sympathetic and giving heart she is the fuel behind Sheets of Love and a fighter against injustice.


Etaine Smith

Event Organizer

Etaine Smith is an innovative and sensitive professional with progressive management and HR experience within
union and non-union academic and corporate environments.


She is a sensitive, innovative, effective communicator, collaborator, and mediator.
She is passionate about educational, financial, and societal equity rights, and being a voice for the voiceless.

Her volunteerism efforts include the YWCA of Cambridge, MA, and the
Boston School Systems.


Alex Perrin

Outreach Specialist

Alex Perrin is currently the president on two condo boards and have much volunteering experience including fundraising and outreach.

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